Special Products for Special Times

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We are all in this together! Here are some products for these uncertian times, from face coverings to family games to hand sanitizer.

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Work Wonnie
$79.99; WorkWonnies.com
The world’s first and only, one-piece business/leisure apparel combo. It’s basically a full-sized onesie that is a comfortable pair of sweats on the bottom and a more business-like dress shirt on top. Business on top, home-office party on the bottom.


NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier
$599; NuWaveOxyPure.com 
Ensure your home is a safe, allergen, dust, germ and virus-free space. OxyPure is the first air purifier proven to remove coronavirus from the air. The air purifier’s advanced 5-stage filter system is designed to capture 100% of microscopic airborne particles as small as 0.09 microns. The unit is Wifi enabled and can be linked to a connected smartphone or tablet app so users can control and monitor air quality in their home – from anywhere. 

Skyrocket SnapStyle Printable Face Mask in package

Snapstyle Printable Face Masks 
$17.99 for 4–pack; SnapStyleMasks.com

Replicate almost any picture, pattern, or other artwork directly onto a 100% cotton, printable, protective mask using just your mobile device. Simply snap, or pull from your camera roll any picture, pattern, design and use the Mask Creator app to adjust and preview the mask. Print the mask to an inkjet printer, then cut out, fold and attach ear loops and comfort nose band using the heat-activated adhesive. 


VitEyes Blue Light Glasses
$19.99; VitEyes.com
With an increase in e-learning, remote working, and screen time, we are bombarded by harmful blue light everywhere we look. These glasses help shield your eyes from high-energy blue light that is emitted by digital screens, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and televisions. Available in adult and kid sizes.

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Crep Face Mask
$12; CrepProtect.com
Uses a soft, breathable foam, providing an additional layer of comfort during wear. The ergonomic toggle strap design allows it to be adjusted to fit any face, whilst completely covering the lower half of the face. The adjustable nose bridge creates an additional function to personalise your fit, while the discreet inside pocket can be lined with a breathable filter for maximum protection. Can be washed and re-worn.

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Eco Gloves Individually Packaged Gloves for On the Go
$17.95; EcoGloves.co
Provide the convenience of disposable gloves in a plant-based and compostable alternative. Two gloves packed in convenient size packets help you keep your hands clean at home and on the go and are perfect for your purse, pocket, wallet, diaper bag or anywhere you might need an emergency stash. They’re non-plastic, non-nitrile, latex free, BPA free, powder free, and paraben free so you can use them without worry. Also available in Bulk Box option.

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Essential Mask Case and the Personal Mask Case
$8.50-$10; OneLessCase.com
The Essential Mask Case portable design is ideal for individuals with a variety of mask styles that need to keep their masks clean and safe. The Personal Mask Case is a perfect solution for individuals that need portable mask storage to safely place their masks in their pockets, bags, purses, or backpacks. Ideal for active individuals that are on the go with busy personal and work schedules.

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Pocket UV-C Light Sanitizer
$42.99; TheUVCare.com
This UV-C light technology is the chemical free way to clean by simply flipping open the unit and pressing the "ON" button for five seconds. Quickly eliminate harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and molds by shining the light for a few seconds within 1/4 inch of the surface area or object to disinfect. Perfect for sanitizing mobile phones, gadgets, keyboards, door knobs, toys, pacifiers, high chairs and countertops.

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Hadron Epoch Reusable Cotton Mask
$16; HadronEpoch.com
These handmade, reusable masks are made of 100% cotton with an opening to insert a disposable filter. Masks have been washed prior, sanitized with high heat steam, and are shipped in FDA compliant poly bags with protection from moisture and light to ensure maximum safety.

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Smile Window Learning Lovey Masks
$9.95; BabyJackandCompany.com
Include a translucent, plastic window for improved cognitive development and easy lip-reading to encourage communicating while wearing a facemask. Made of breathable, 2-ply, micro-poly with vibrant colors and patterns. "Smile window" made of breathable acrylic poly film. Kids and adult sizes available (one size fits most). 20% of all sales donated to Starlight Children's Foundation to support families with ill children.

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Children's Face Shield - 5 Pack
$19.99; Ripclear.com
Comes in 2 different fun styles that your child will enjoy wearing. It's also designed with comfort in mind - lined with 3/4" foam around the forehead to reduce pressure points, and held in place with a soft elastic headband. These face shields are kids size and offer full face protection against splashes and sprayed particles. 

fall purple face mask 2fall purple yoga leggings

Fall Purple Face Masks with Earloops
Enjoy the fall in style with Rock Salt Apparel's autumn purple adjustable face mask. 6% of the profits go to protecting the ocean. It's made with ethical manufacturing practices, including low-environmental-impact water-based ink. Matching leggings available.


Earth to Skin Hand Sanitizers
$6.99 for 6-pack; Walmart.com
A line of affordable naturally inspired high powered skincare. The sanitizer line is safe, soothing, effective and best of all comes in delectable scents and luxurious formulations for the full family. Available in an array of scents such as Watermelon, Coconut + Aloe, Lemon + Basil and Blueberry. 


Marcellamoda NY
$14; marcellamodanyc.com

Unisex face masks featuring cotton, nose wires, adjustable ear loops and reusable filters. Providing designer style and all day comfort for both women and men, they’re the essential wardrobe accessory that keeps you safe while looking good. 

SwaddleDesigns Facemask Flannel SDH 612PSC C and SDH 608PP 371022 1

SwaddleDesigns Cloth Cotton Masks
$9.99; SwaddleDesigns.com
SwaddleDesigns converted their Seattle-area baby blanket production facility to manufacture cloth masks. They use cotton fabrics consistent with CDC recommendations. Two cotton face mask options: 1) 2-layer 100% Cotton Flannel Masks designed to filter airborne particles. The flannel is baby soft, lightweight and breathable. Features ear elastic and headband elastic for secure fit. 2) 3-layer 180 thread count woven 100% Cotton Chambray. The masks come with an adjustable, bendable nose piece for snug fit and ear elastic. 

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Virus Card Game
$14.88; Walmart.com
When Goliath launched the card game, Virus, in January of this year, it never expected a global pandemic to boost consumer sales by 10 times overnight. Now, the company is giving back and all proceeds from the game will go to the World Health Organization during the month of April to support research necessary to stop the pandemic. For ages 8 and up.

ADCO Mask 1

Communication Window Mask 
$15.99-$19.99; https://adcohearing.com/collections/adco-brand-masks
Addresses the growing need for accessibility due to the requirements for face masks. For those with hearing loss who rely on the ability to lip read, face masks present a real barrier to effective communication. These masks work to address this issue while ensuring that all safety standards are met regarding mask protocols. Made with 100% Kona cotton fabric (window is made with a clear vinyl material) with elastic earloops for comfort and ease-of-use. A portion of each purchase is used to help provide free masks to nonprofit organizations across the country.


Eczema Honey Wellbeing Kit
$16.99; EczemaHoneyCo.com

Includes a reusable face covering, a comfy pair of cotton gloves, and a travel size hand sanitizer. The reusable and washable face covering is triple layered and a great alternative to disposable face masks. Made in the USA with 100% cotton on the outside and a pleated polyester layer in the center. These Cotton Gloves are a super comfortable way to provide a barrier between your skin and the environment. The fragrance-free gel formula hand sanitizer is a simple and convenient to use antiseptic rub. 

GARDEN 1 960x

Child Fabric Face Masks
$9.95; BabyJackandCompany.com
Masks are soft and breathable microfiber polyester Learning Lovey fabric cloth, 2 ply with elastic. Reversible with plain white fabric inside. One size fits most. 

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When the World Stays Inside by Mikey Woz
$12.99;  Amazon.com
A refreshingly positive, whimsical book that reminds us all of the importance of finding beauty in the seemingly mundane and uncovering the bright side of any situation. Using clever, Seussian-style rhymes, When the World Stays Inside aims to empower children through gentle prompts that encourage them to be creative, move their bodies and find new ways to play when the weather or other external force causes them to stay indoors. Created during the 2020 pandemic is about all of the exciting things we can do to pass the time indoors, and teaches us to cherish that special time we spend with the people we love.

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Closca Mask + 6 Filters
$22; Closca.com
Closca Mask is a filter container with an internal pocket that can incorporate different type of filters. The pack includes six high protection washable filters that once placed inside the pocket fits in the mask, as well as a nose adjustment piece for optimised comfort and covering. The reusable box contains a Closca Mask, a hygienic bag and six washable filters.

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Everyone's Hand Sanitizer Spray
$17.99 for 6 count; Walmart.com

Harnessing the power of moisturizing ingredients like Vegetable Glycerin and Organic Jojoba Oil, this spray keeps your hands feeling soft and nourished without the addition of triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance and dyes found in most hand sanitizers. Enriched with the natural scents of pure essential oils. 


Britanica for Parents
Free; Parents.Britannica.com
Britannica for Parents provides information, resources, and advice from trusted experts in child development and early education. The site contains articles by different experts, activities, and tips to make everyday life more fun and interesting.  The site is divided into four sections: 1) Curious Learners offers everything from advice on how to advance listening skills to how to talk to your kids about diversity, to what COVID-19 means for your family. 2) Tech Savvy Family focuses on how to balance screen time and what apps and games to use to make screen time a valuable experience. 3) The Power of Play arms parents with activity ideas, as well as recommendations for toys that teach. 4) Raising a Human provides parenting advice on current trends like how to get your child to wear a mask to more traditional topics like recycling and books for bedtime.


California Face Mask or Bandana
$13-$14; MapTote.com

Handmade fabric face mask with graphic icons that illustrate our love for California. Stay safe with this stylish mask. Made of two layers of 100% cotton recycled flour sac, with slot for filter. Two elastic ties for ear loops. Available in natural and blue.  These versatile bandanas can be used for everything from a headband to a handkerchief, napkin, or even wall art. Available in navy, chambray, natural and red.

cratebg unisex 2 110x1102x

Unisex Mask Bundle
$75; GiftGowns.com

Want some functional, trendy, and cozy masks perfect to add to your wardrobe? This bundle is the perfect combo to help you feel more safe and secure during your day-to-day activities. Features two layers of cotton, a pocket to insert a filter, fits snugly across your face, classic and cute design on the front, breathable and machine washable. 

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CalmOptics Glasses
$64.99-$119.99; CalmOptics.com
Social distancing and quarantine measures are responsible for a blue light boom. Now that we have endless time to sit in front of our digital screens, protecting our eyes has become an important topic. These trendy blue light blocking glasses help reduce the eye strain caused by your digital screens. All glasses are non-prescription so everyone can benefit from this blue light solution. Available in Adult, Teen and Kid sizes.

basiccare 1024x10242x

Basic Care Package
$27.50; PPEGifts.com

All the personal protection equipment in one small box. This set includes: (5) 3-Ply premium civil defense face masks with embedded metal nose guard, (1) disposable KN95 face mask (95% filtration efficiency against dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne irritants), (1) 3.3 oz 70% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer, (1) pair of scratch-resistant safety glasses with 99% UV protection.

1. Collage

Independence Mask by Indie Source
$16; IndieSource.com
This Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer pivoted immediately when Angelenos were told they had to wear face masks in public. The manufacturing company nimbly adjusted its production capabilities to construct and ship out fabric face masks to those in need. Currently, for every mask that is sold, one is donated to a Los Angeles based front line worker.

hans swipe 0325 zpsotermyum

HÄNS Ultra-Clean Formula
$14.95; Hans-Swipe.com
Contains roughly 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading disinfecting/sanitizing wipes. Formulated to clean phones, tablets, computer touchscreens, keyboards, AirPods, VR glasses, covers, cases, cables, chargers and much more. Accompanied by the Microfiber Cleaning Cape, the cape transfers the wetness of the solution onto the surface it is cleaning; reminiscent of a cleaning wipe and is antibacterial treated and washable for continued just-like-new use.

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