Seasonal Happenings

  • Fun Fall Traditions in San Diego
    Ahhh, fall—cooler temperatures, apple cider and so many fun activities! Traditions create family closeness and make memories that last a lifetime. If your family doesn’t already have fall traditio... Read More »
  • Spooky Fun: No-Carve Pumpkins
    Ready to decorate for Halloween? The kids will love helping with these DIY no-carve pumpkin projects that minimize mess and maximize fun! Thank you to Deborah at for sharing her i... Read More »
  • Corn Mazes in San Diego
    Don’t let the fall season pass you by without a visit to a straw or corn maze right here in San Diego. Be sure to go with a buddy so you don't get lost!Pumpkin Farms in Rancho Bernardo and Bonita. E... Read More »
  • 10 Haunted Spots in San Diego!
    San Diego has its share of haunted places. Some were born of tragedy or misfortune or discovered by psychics, while others are simply final resting places. So grab a camera, a few good friends and che... Read More »

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