Stretch Marks: Make them disappear with three daily steps

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you may have heard horror stories about the impending doom of stretch marks. They are our battle wounds after giving birth. Some mothers wear them as a badge of honor, . . .

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Babymoon: Pregnant and Due for a Vacation

Pregnancy is a pivotal time in a couple’s life. The birth of a child brings a whole new set of demands on time and energy that can create stress in the marriage relationship. Along with traditional . . .

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How Do You Know When Your Family is Complete?

How do you know when you’re “done” having children?Within weeks after having my first baby, it seemed as though everyone (friends, co-workers, random shoppers at the mall) wanted to know when we . . .

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What You Need To Know About Strep B and Pregnancy

“You’ve tested positive for Group B strep,” my obstetrician told me over the phone. I considered my first pregnancy to be mostly free of the usual problems and complaints that plague other . . .

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Struggling to Get Pregnant the Second Time Around?

Secondary infertility—the inability to conceive after 6-12 months of frequent, unprotected intercourse by a couple who already have a child—accounts for half of all infertility cases in the United . . .

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Bumps in Pumps: A Fashion Faux Pass

Sky-high heels aren’t the first thing we usually think of when it comes to maternity attire, but in Hollywood, celebrities are choosing fashion over comfort—and perhaps even safety—so that they . . .

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