Family Science

  • Candy Chromatography
    Many science experiments involve candy. Follow the directions below to find out how you can use science to determine how candies get their colors. Materials:Coffee filtersClear jars or cupsPencilTape... Read More »
  • Bouncy Ball Science
    Take me out to the ballgame! March is the time of year when baseball players head to spring training to practice pitching, hitting and fielding. If baseball is not your thing, you can have fun by maki... Read More »
  • DIY Science Kit
    “Mom, do you have a 6-volt battery, two funnels, masking tape and some steel wool I can use?” My daughters ask questions like this, usually when I’m up to my elbows in dirty dishes. Buying scien... Read More »
  • Build a Rocket
    Imagine sweeping the dust from a giant rock formation to uncover an ancient dinosaur fossil, or peering through your backyard telescope to identify a hazy comet as it streaks across the sky. Sound exc... Read More »

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