Family Science

  • How to Make a Box Oven
    There are several different types of box ovens you can make. These instructions are for a box oven with a hinged lid. If you use the sturdy materials recommended and take good care of it, you should b... Read More »
  • DIY Science Kit
    “Mom, do you have a 6-volt battery, two funnels, masking tape and some steel wool I can use?” My daughters ask questions like this, usually when I’m up to my elbows in dirty dishes. Buying scien... Read More »
  • Super Science Projects
    Supplement your child's education with these do-it-yourselfSuper Science Projects Klutz Guide to the Galaxy$19.99; 8+ yearsklutz.comExplore the universe from your backyard with a build-it-you... Read More »
  • Build a Rocket
    Imagine sweeping the dust from a giant rock formation to uncover an ancient dinosaur fossil, or peering through your backyard telescope to identify a hazy comet as it streaks across the sky. Sound exc... Read More »

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