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  • Laugh Out Loud Books for Kids and Teens
    It's been said that laughter is the best medicine, and when it comes to kids and reading, getting a dose of humor can go a long way. Kids love to laugh, and the more they laugh when they read, the mor... Read More »
  • New DVDs, TV Shows and Music for Families
    New DVD's, TV Shows and Music CD's for kids! Check out the latest family TV, movie and CD releases. A Dog's PurposeRated PGBased on the beloved bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Pu... Read More »
  • New Books for Tweens and Teens
    Tween and Teen Books! Keep your tween and teen readers engaged with these exciting new books! The Skeleton Book: Get to Know Your Bones, Inside Out$14.99; DK.comFull of incredible computer-generate... Read More »
  • Coloring & Craft Books
    Coloring, Craft & Activity Books! Expand your child's creativity and imagination with these diverse craft books for kids of all ages (parents will love them too!). These coloring and craft boo... Read More »

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