Crafts For Kids

  • Make A Schultuete for the First Day of School
    Welcome your children to the new school year by presenting them with a schultuete (pronounced shool-too-tuh) on their first day of school. A 200-year-old German tradition, a schultuete is a cone-shape... Read More »
  • Backpack Buddies
    Kids can craft these cute dudes to keep them company on the way to class!Supplies: Thin cardboardFeltKeychainPencilScrap paperScissorsHole punchTacky craft glueNeedle-nose pliersMarkers (optional)•... Read More »
  • Grandparents Day Craft
    Need a gift for Grandparents Day?  Treat Grandparents like Royalty with clever Grandparent's Day Craft made from Playing Cards!Supplies: 
Three playing cards (two Kings, two Queens and two ot... Read More »
  • Sunflower Bowers and Bean Tipis Guarantee Garden Fun
    It is an ideal family project to create a sunflower playhouse or garden tipi (teepee) that your kids will fill with tea parties, quiet moments of book reading and feats of derring-do as they keep drag... Read More »

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