Crafts For Kids

  • Hanukkah Placecard Holders
    These happy Hanukkah bags serve as place card holders for the holiday table and festive party favors!Supplies Small, flat brown (or white) paper bagsScraps of blue, white, silver paperSmall piece of b... Read More »
  • Star of David Decorations
    Simply combine paper and tape to create this spectacular hanging decoration for Hanukkah!  Supplies: 2 (or more) sheets of 12” x 12” colored or printed cardstockClear tapeDouble-sided tapeStr... Read More »
  • Marshmallow Snowman Card
    What warms kids better than a mug of steamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top? The next time you serve your chilly children this traditional wintertime treat, put out some paint and a few extra m... Read More »
  • DIY Air-dry Ornaments and Adornments
    Use air-dry clay and a little creativity to make holiday gifts such as ornaments, necklaces, pins, key chains, magnets and more!Supplies: Air-dry claySmall embellishments—beads, sequins, glitter, bu... Read More »

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