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Start the new year with all the resources you need to stay healthy, wealthy and wise!  Need a doctor, dentist or mental health provider? Want new ideas for getting your family in shape this year? The advertisers in our Health Directory 2015 can help!

  • Just Say No to E-Cigarettes
    Get to know the dangers of vaping E-cigarettes contain potentially addictive, dangerous toxins. Would it surprise you to know that they come in kid-friendly flavors like bubble gum, fruit punch, gumm... Read More »
  • Sugar: Why It's a Problem and How to Party Without It
    Summer is a season of celebration for families—but many celebrations center around food, which can make sugar temptations seem endless—especially for families who are making a conscious effort to ... Read More »
  • Health Directory 2015
    Here's to Your Health: Your guide to health, wellness and fitness for your family! The start of a new year is the perfect time to focus on the health of you and your family. We have doctors, dentists ... Read More »
  • Eat, Play, Love
    Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian shares strategies for a healthy family

When you think of a healthy family, what comes to mind? Daily exercise, regular doctor visits, sugar-free snacks? Whil... Read More »

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