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Start the new year in January 2015 with all the resources you need to stay healthy, wealthy and wise!  Revisit this page to find a complete new list of local health, fitness, safety and legal services for 2015.

Need a resource now?  Find our 2014 list in the January digital edition of San Diego Family.

  • How to Organize Your Family Photos
    9 Steps to Simplify the Process Organizing your family photos is a way of honoring your family, your history and providing future generations with a strong foundation of who they are and where they ca... Read More »
  • Find A Health Plan For Your Family
    Choosing the best health plan for your family can be confusing, and computer glitches at aren’t helping. Still, it can be done. If you don’t get health insurance through your employ... Read More »
  • 13 Ways to Comfort a Friend with Cancer
    When a friend receives a cancer diagnosis you reel in disbelief and fear. It is normal to fear for your friend’s life and worry about your ability to help. Don’t let the thought overwhelm you. You... Read More »
  • Lessons on Life and Finance
    Our life has changed in many ways since having our girls.  Mostly it has been humbling. Right before getting pregnant with our first child, I completed my Masters and obtained the CFP certificati... Read More »

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