After School Activities

Keeping kids active is an important part of raising children, but trying to figure out what programs are available can be a daunting task. San Diego Family is here to help!

Check out "Kids on the Go" - our annual resource for After-school Activities (conveniently formatted in a chart or list) for great athletic, academic, performing arts or other enrichment programs. We have several programs (denoted with SN) that are certified to care for children with special needs.

>> Come back in October to see our listing, or take a look at our Fall 2013 Guide to After-school Programs for Kids on the Go in San Diego Family's October Digital Edition.

>> Find it easier to view our information as a chart? Check back with us in September for all new programs in chart form. Can't wait? View San Diego Family's September 2013 digital edition for our 2013 Guide to After-school Programs Chart.

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