Afterschool Activities

Keeping kids active is an important part of raising children, but trying to figure out what programs are available can be a daunting task. San Diego Family is here to help!

Check out our annual resource for After-school Activities (conveniently formatted in a chart or list) for great athletic, academic, performing arts or other enrichment programs. We have several programs (denoted with SN) that are certified to care for children with special needs.

>> Come back in October to see our listing, or take a look at our Fall 2014 Guide to Afterschool Programs for Kids on the Go in San Diego Family's October Digital Edition.

>> Find it easier to view our information as a chart? Check back with us in September for all new programs in chart form. Can't wait? View San Diego Family's September 2014 digital edition for our 2014 Guide to Afterschool Programs Chart.

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