Afterschool Activities

Keeping kids active is an important part of raising children, but trying to figure out what programs are available can be a daunting task. San Diego Family is here to help!

Check out our annual resource for After-school Activities (conveniently formatted in a chart or list) for great athletic, academic, performing arts or other enrichment programs. We have several programs (denoted with SN) that are certified to care for children with special needs.

  • The Benefits of 4-H
    The Benefits of 4-H, from A to Z Kids in 4-H clubs explore a wealth of fun and educational experiences. They raise animals, plant gardens, learn about archery, cook healthy foods and more. As the lar... Read More »
  • Start School on Right Note
    The benefits of musically educating a child are extensive, life-long and surprisingly diverse. Studying music can improve memory and concentration, create superior critical thinking skills and help in... Read More »
  • Trio of Rising Stars
    Three local teens who are dedicated musicians with the San Diego Youth Symphony. There’s nothing like a great melody to engage the mind and inspire the soul. Listening to music is wonderful; making ... Read More »
  • Why Music Education Matters
    Recent scientific studies have shown that, unlike other activities, playing a musical instrument engages almost every area of the brain simultaneously—including the visual, auditory and motor cortic... Read More »

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