Family Science

  • How to Make a Box Oven
    There are several different types of box ovens you can make. These instructions are for a box oven with a hinged lid. If you use the sturdy materials recommended and take good care of it, you should b... Read More »
  • Kitchen Chemistry Science for Kids
    While you are enjoying your hotdog or hamburger this summer, take a closer look at the bun. Do you notice tiny holes or air spaces in the bread? Where did these holes come from? You might not believ... Read More »
  • Boogie Woogie Raisins: Kids Science
    Have you ever seen raisins dance the tango or spaghetti noodles do the hula? Follow the directions below to find out how to create your own performing raisins. Believe it or not, you don’t even need... Read More »
  • Science Experiments Using Eggs
    Do you have a few extra eggs in the refrigerator? Eggs make perfect science experiments. Be warned—this investigation takes a few days. You will need a little patience, but it’s definitely worth t... Read More »

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