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  • 8 Books Moms Should Read with Their Daughters
    It’s easy for moms to get caught up in daily obligations and never get around to talking about important issues with their daughters. Even if you do find time, sitting down for “a talk” probably... Read More »
  • Best Holiday Books for Kids
    Holiday Books! Nothing gets your family into the holiday spirit more than reading a story about the wonder and excitement of the season! Start a new holiday tradition by reading one or two of these ... Read More »
  • New Music for Kids
    Kids CD's! Share the beauty of music with your children throughout the day, from playtime sing-a-long songs to naptime lullabies. Local mom Joy enjoyed listening to these CDs with her children. ... Read More »
  • Fun Craft Books
    Craft Books! Expand your child's creativity and imagination with these diverse craft books for kids of all ages (parents will love them too!). These craft books make the perfect summer activity f... Read More »

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