Multiple locations in San Diego County

San Diego is the birthplace of Rubio’s. The first one opened as a walk-up stand in Mission Bay in 1983. They now boast over 190 locations in five states!

It’s no secret that Rubio’s serves delicious fish tacos; after all, they are the home of the original fish taco. But have you ever tried the other sustainable seafood (fished or farmed in ways that maintain marine populations without harming the environment) selections on the Rubio’s menu? I’ll be the first to admit, I had not until my husband, Kim, and 11-year old daughter, Naomi, visited the Torrey Highlands location for dinner.

The casual atmosphere of Rubio’s makes it the perfect destination for families and kids groups; in fact, by the looks of the floor, it appeared a bunch of kids had recently eaten there. We carried on bravely and each ordered a sustainable seafood item we hadn’t previously tried. Kim got the Blackened Atlantic Salmon Burrito, which came with tortilla chips on the side. The salmon is enhanced by fire-roasted corn, fresh guacamole and creamy chipotle sauce. It was fresh and flavorful, and the salmon had just the right amount of blackening seasoning. Although it didn’t quite fill him up (an extra taco would have been perfect), Kim said he would definitely order it again. Naomi, being a huge fan of shrimp, got the Grilled Shrimp Burrito, which also came with chips. She doesn’t normally eat salsa—or any sauce for that matter—so I wasn’t sure if the salsa fresca and creamy chipotle on her burrito would create a stir. Naomi expressed nothing but praise...and she was the first to finish her meal; suffice it to say, she loved it! Normally when we go to Rubio’s, I order the Original Fish Tacos. Every time. Without fail. Why? Because I’m hooked on them. And “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” right? So, I was going out of my comfort zone when I ordered the Gourmet Shrimp Taco plate: two tacos, beans and chips. The tacos featured a generous portion of big, juicy, pan-seared shrimp topped with three cheeses, bacon and avocado. They were an explosion of flavor! Two chile sauces gave the tacos a bit of a kick, which is just how I like them. For the record, I’m ordering these on our next visit.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover the new Rubio’s practice of providing guests with an order number and delivering meals to the table when your food is ready (in mere minutes, so if you’re pressed for time, it’s awesome). Rubio’s offers reasonably priced Kids Meals for kids ages 12 & under who have small appetites. Choose one of five entrées; it comes with a side, a churro and drink.

Chances are you already know the Rubio’s reputation for fast, fresh fare, and maybe you even have a favorite item on their menu. Why not acknowledge their 30th anniversary by venturing away from “the usual” on your next visit? Who knows, you may get hooked on something new!

Lisa Gipson, San Diego Family Contributing Writer, busy basketball mom and Girl Scout leader really appreciates Rubio's fresh ingredients, fast service and yummy food.

Published: June 2013

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