Mind Out Loud Mental Health Event for California Students

On May 04, 2021
Categories: Virtual Activities
FREE VIRTUAL Mind Out Loud Mental Health Event for California Students. Wellness Together School Mental Health, in partnership with SDCOE and the California Department of Education, will host Mind Out Loud - a free, three-day virtual event for middle and high school students to convene and boldly discuss mental health. It features The Hate U Give author Angie Thomas and from the Netflix movie The Social Dilemma with the Center for Humane Technology Matt Stossel. This event allows students 13 and older to connect with peers across California; hear from engaging speakers to become equipped with practical tools for wellness; increase mental health awareness and advocacy for themselves and their friends; learn about suicide prevention; and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. May 4–6, 3:30–5 pm. Register at https://mindoutloud.org.

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