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Many kids are going stir crazy as families across the country continue to social distance —and teens are no exception. Most of my clients are teen girls, so I reached out to them for suggestions on how to spend this time at home. Here are 20 creative ideas for teens:


Set a goal. Master a new yoga pose, improve your mile time or try a new online workout. The YMCA of San Diego County is currently offering free virtual memberships which includes free online workouts and a fitness tracker.


Create a list of books or poetry to read while staying in.


Poems, short stories, or personal accounts of this unique time.

Watch Makeup and Hair Tutorials

Learn new creative ways to do your makeup and hair.

Schedule Virtual Coffee Dates with Friends 

Group videos chats are a great way to stay connected!

Create New Playlists

Choose your favorite tunes for studying, working out, running, or relaxing.

Get Organized 

Clean out your desk, closet, or bathroom. Check out sites like Poshmark or ThredUp to sell slightly used clothing and accessories. 

Create a Photo Wall or Collage 

Sort through old pics and get creative. 

Design a Vision Board

Gather magazines or printed images and craft a vision of your idea future. Check out this YouTube VIDEO that explains the process and benefits. 

Make a Movie

Take your favorite video clips and use a platform like iMovie or WeVideo to create a personalized movie.

Cook or Bake

Try a new recipe, watch an online cooking or baking class, or get creative and come up with your own recipes.


Use the extra time to prep for AP, SAT or ACT tests.

Check Out a MasterClass

Choose from over 80 classes on topics ranging from fashion to food (with paid membership). www.masterclass.com/

Take a Virtual Vacation 

Choose a place to visit online. Learn about their food, culture, history and top tourist destinations.

Focus on Self-Care 

Create your own home spa experience. Do your own mani, pedi and face mask, or enjoy a bubble bath. 

Make a Beauty Product

Use natural ingredients to create a DIY face mask or body scrub. 

Take Online Personality Quizzes 

My favorites are the Enneagram and Via Strengths Finder. For younger teens, check reviews and make sure parents are OK with this first.

Research Colleges

For older teens, this is a great time to gather information and plan for the future. Two great resources are the Princeton Review and Common App websites.

Practice Yoga

We all need it now! There are so many free online yoga classes. A couple of my favorites are Yoga with Adriene and Floating Yoga School

Tutor Younger Students

Older teens and college students can offer online tutoring to elementary school students.


Erica Rood, M.A. Ed. is the founder of Inspire Balance Coaching for Parents, Teens, and Young Adults. Her personalized coaching programs support teens and young women in building confidence, achieving goals, and gaining a sense of purpose and direction. Her parent coaching programs provide practical solutions to the unique challenges of parenting teens. Learn more at http://inspirebalance.com.


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