Scripps Performing Arts Academy

Scripps Performing Arts Academy is a popular dance instruction school.

Kids Explore Performing Arts at Popular Local Academy
Scripps Performing Arts Academy provides dance and musical theater training for students of all ages. Beginning through advanced classes in ballet, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, modern, jazz and tap are available. Aspiring thespians participate in a variety of workshops and productions like Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Thumbelina.
“My daughter has developed as a dancer thanks to the dedicated and supportive staff,” says Elizabeth Eshoo. “She has grown as a human being as well, learning important life lessons like perseverance, time management, teamwork and discipline.”
Early-bird summer camp and summer class registration is happening now. Camp offers weeklong explorations into all aspects of stagecraft, including classes in dance, acting, singing and set design. Participants also rehearse for a costumed performance at the end of the week.
Don’t miss the 10th annual American Girl Fashion Show on Sunday, March 12 at the Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall. To buy tickets and for more information about classes, visit the website.

Scripps Performing Arts Academy
Scripps Ranch, 858-586-7834
Torrey Hills and Carmel Valley, 858-509-2624

Perfect Progress can help get to the root cause of your child's lerning disability.

Is Your Child Struggling in School? Get to the Root Cause.
Perfect Progress helps families find and address the root cause of developmental, cognitive, behavioral and social issues in their children. The goal is for children to unlock their true learning potential in the safest and least invasive way using therapies that work.
The Perfect Progress staff is trained and certified by the International Association of Certified Tomatis Consultants (IACTC) to administer the Tomatis Listening Test. The test helps restore a child’s listening abilities to improve attention span and develop lifelong learning skills. In addition, the Tomatis Neuro-Auditory Program is excellent for musicians, singers and athletes and is an incredible tool for learning new languages.
Since no two individuals have the exact same skills or learning style, Perfect Progress offers an individual listening plan for every child. The Tomatis Listening Program is available in their office or in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect Progress
1530 Baltimore Pl., Escondido

Published March 2017

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