Justin Bieber Never Say Never Concert

(Running time: 110 Minutes) Rated G
I went in to this knowing nothing about Justin Bieber and was captivated by him, his music and his family and support system. The movie shows concert footage, home movies from him as a small child and charts his trip from 4-year-old music prodigy to rock star.

He was banging out rhythms when he was 4. By 8 years old he had learned to play the drums and actually played with a blues band! Now he plays drums, guitar and piano. His mother is a single mom who raised him with lots of love and support from her parents. Justin began to play music on the street when he was 12. They made a few videos and put them on Youtube.com, which is how he was discovered.

Though the film shows how Scooter Braun found him and partnered with Usher to get him a record deal, he still wasn’t golden. He traveled around from radio station to radio station, with his guitar, tweeting he was coming so crowds began to form when he played. It took some time and a whole lot of effort to launch this talented young man, who appears to be the nicest, warmest performer around and a bit of a regular, prank-playing, fun-loving teenage boy.

I loved when they gave away great seats to people for free and that they pick one girl out of the audience, give her flowers, sit her on the stage while Justin sings to her, “One Less Lonely Girl”.  Although the price for this flick was high because it’s 3-D, still, you get to see concert footage and listen to great music. I highly recommend it for kids from 8 to 80. As soon as I got home, I bought six of his songs on iTunes. Justin, you rock!


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