Baby Product Review. New parents can choose from a variety of products that can make every day with that bundle of joy just a little easier.


TempTraq 48 Hour Temperature Monitoring Patch

When kids come down with a fever, this wearable, Bluetooth patch monitors body temperature continuously for 48 hours and sends info to smartphones through a free app, letting kids get the rest they need to get better. Parents can see real-time temperature data from anywhere (without having to wake sick children)…whether dropping a child off at grandma’s house for an overnight visit or checking in on a child staying home from school with the sitter. Plus, you can send info to your doctors and monitor multiple kids at once for those times the entire household gets sick.


Dynamic Gymini

A uniquely versatile baby activity mat with adjustable moving arches that adapt to baby’s age and stage, encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills from day one.

Shangping Xu Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump.4oz.OrangeStopper.HaakaaUSA Copy

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump and Silicone Flower Stopper Set
$20.99 (4 oz.) $27.99 (5 oz.);
Made from 100% food grade silicone and easy to use. Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction. Especially soft and comfortable. Cord free. Easy to clean it can be sterilized with any steam sterilizing system or boiling water and is dishwasher safe. The silicone flower stopper sits tight in the neck of your Haakaa breast pump and will stop any spills or accidents.

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The Lamaze Maternity Women’s Lace Soft Sleep and Nursing Bra
Offers soft comfort with a girly touch. Available in black, charcoal heather, white, heather gray and hot pink.


MIOS Compact Stroller
Weighing in at 19lbs, and measuring fewer than 20" across, the MIOS is the perfect stroller for city dwelling parents. The MIOS is compatible with most car seats, and features a reversible stroller seat. The star feature, however, is the removable seat pad, which reveals a high breathable mesh seat back. The mios is compatible with most infant car seats and carry cots. 


Abiie Huggs Contour
The Abiie Huggs Contour was originated specifically to prevent hip dysplasia, instability or looseness of the hip joint. Thousands of children are affected each year by this condition, ranging from mild instability to complete dislocation. The carrier booster seat provides all-day comfort, and keeps your baby ergonomically seated in a healthy hip position. Quick releasing the side buttons allows parents to place a hand inside the center panel, and offers parents an efficient, hands-on proximity to their newborn. The padded shoulder straps help to evenly distribute your baby's weight in combination with the waistband to maximize parent comfort by alleviating pressure on the wearer's back and shoulders.


Pregnancy Day By Day, 3rd Edition

For expectant parents who want to know everything about their developing baby at every stage, Pregnancy Day by Day provides a daily countdown to the date of delivery. Covering each day of pregnancy in detail, as well as labor, birth, and life with a new baby, Pregnancy Day by Day is an unprecedented and comprehensive guide that is written by a team of experts and is the one resource no parent-to-be should be without.


Teething Toes

Teething Toes is a fun sock toy with bite-sized silicone toes. Easy for a baby to wear or hold, it reaches all incoming teeth helping relieve the teething process, without sacrificing your fingers. For babies entering the teething phase (3-18 months).


TWELVElittle Companion Backpack
Introducing TWELVElittle’s new diamond quilt companion backpack, made with soft and lightweight water-resistant material. The spacious main compartment allows room for all baby essentials, and with multiple exterior and interior pockets, organization is simply effortless. Water-resistant smooth nylon and leather trim. Six exterior pockets including two insulated bottle pockets, and five interior pockets. Extremely light-weight and comfortable to carry - has padded backpack panel and ergonomically shaped straps. Includes a machine-washable changing pad and a "Dirty Little Secret" pocket, which is a hidden pocket to stash away dirty items such as soiled diapers or clothes. Available in black, pewter and leopard.


Lansinoh Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra
Not only does this free up your hands during pumping sessions, it also helps create a better seal for your pump flanges, improving suction. Works with all electric breast pumps; available in XS to L, or L-Plus.


Large Bottle (with sleeve and stage 1 nipple) and Small Bottle
$24.99 for a three pack;

Smilo's bottles are engineered to create a natural, uninterrupted flow that fends off colic, gas, ear infections, and other pint-sized problems.


MAM Friends Teether Collection
The new teethers feature four cheerful characters with bright bodies and varying textures to help sharpen baby’s visual sense and support sensory development in addition to easing teething symptoms. Suitable for use from 2 months, the soft and gentle teethers are light and easy to hold making them perfect for little hands.


Coconut Body Creme
Every busy mom needs a go-to crème that does it all!. CreekBaby Coconut Body Crème is 100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil. It is simple, unscented, and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. It is conveniently packaged for throwing in your diaper bag. Its many uses include: soothe diaper rash, nursing cream, face, lips, and hands moisturizer, cuts, scrapes and bites, sun burns.


Lansinoh Thera°Pearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy
Provides therapeutic relief for the most common breastfeeding challenges: Cold therapy relieving engorgement and hot therapy to relieve plugged ducts and mastitis. Only product of its kind designed to work with a breast pump to encourage let-down and reduce time spent pumping. Microwave safe and free of BPA and BPS.


Bottle Brush

Smilo’s silicone bottle brush keeps your bottles squeaky clean. The soft and pliable silicone bristles clean without scratching your bottles. It’s durable and easy to clean, right in the dishwasher.


nanobébé’s Breastmilk Bottle

The bottle cools quickly, reducing bacterial growth and warms quickly at safe temperatures, so you can safely and promptly feed your hungry baby without exposing breastmilk to nutrient-damaging temperatures. The included breast-pump adaptor means you can express breastmilk directly into the bottle, and then store it in the freezer or fridge.  The bottles are stackable which helps track pumping order and saves storage space. Finally, nanobébé’s innovative breast-like shape allows your baby to hold it on their own and self-feed from a much younger age.


Lansinoh HPA Lanolin
Provides relief for moms with nipple soreness. 100% natural, single-ingredient product, which means it's safe for both mom and baby. Hypoallergenic; contains no additives or preservatives.


Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Baby Kit
An adorable full size gift set contains all the baby essentials: Live Clean Baby Shampoo and Wash, Baby Lotion, Non-Petroleum Jelly, and Diaper Ointment.


Newborn Pacifier
$6.99 for a two pack;

Engineered with the same science as the Smilo Pacifier, but with extra focus on promoting the suck, swallow, and breathe reflexes specific to newborns.


Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple
A better bottle for breastfed babies; clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion. Enables baby to use the same feeding actions learned at the breast. Air Ventilation System reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up. 100 % silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optimal compression; BPA and BPS free.

Published: March 2018

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