Outdoor Family Games

Outdoor Family Games!  Get the family out to the park, backyard or beach this summer with these fun and easy family games.


$14.99; 6+

Pick the feather birdie you’d like to use, stand at a distance of five to 30 feet, and see how long you can go without dropping it. Play on a hard surface and watch the birdie bounce to give you a second chance at your record. "Similar to badminton but without the net," says Dave.


Hook N’ Ring
$24.99; 12+

An addictive toss game that’s easy to learn but hard to perfect, this all wood target Hook N’ Ring assembles in minutes. It comes complete with one wood target, one bronze ring, one bronze hook and one rope. "Challenging but fun for any age," says Jim.


$35-$50; All ages

Players take turns throwing the Mölkky skittle to try and knock over various numbered pins. The aim of the game is to score exactly 50 points. "Easy to set up and fun to play," says Jenny.


Nerf Dude Perfect Slam Disc Game
$29.99; 6+

Position the two Dude Perfect branded targets, and challenge your friends to make or slam the shot using the flexible NERF Flying Disc. "My boys love moving the target around and making amazing Dude Perfect shots," says Mike.


SeaTurtle Sports Yazoo Disc Toss Game
$48; 8+

Pitting two or more players against each other, yazoo involves disc throwing through two poles that each have empty cans on top. One team plays defense, trying to catch both the disc and a falling can before they touch the ground. The catch? They can catch using only one hand. "Perfect game for the beach," says Mark. "Fun in and out of the water!"


Viva Sol Washer Toss
$79.99; 12+

Washer Toss features ultra-quick set up and take down with its built-in all wood carrying case that goes hand in hand with cocktails using its bottle opener. "It looks easier than it is," says Chris.


Nerf Dude Perfect Perfectvortex Game
$29.99; 6+

Set-up epic trick shots then try and knock them out with the Nerf Dude Perfect Perfectvortex game. Arrange the two knock-out target poles however you like, then throw the Nerf vortex football and rise to the challenge.  "My boys love to knock out the target," says Brett.

Published: June 2016

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