Family Recipes

  • Birthday Cake Milkshakes
    I love making milkshakes for kids because that they are so quick and easy—it’s like whipping up a birthday party in minutes. When it comes to authentic birthday cake flavor, you don’t need store... Read More »
  • Watermelon Cupcakes
    Your sweetie will love that they can indulge in the sweetness of the holidays with a naturally low-calorie option, watermelon, which also provides Vitamin A, B6 and C!Watermelon CupcakesYield: 8 servi... Read More »
  • Mexican Lettuce Cups
    Perfect on days you want a lower-carb alternative to a sandwich. Let’s face it—on most sandwiches the filling is the star, so using a lettuce leaf in place of bread makes sense. Find more healthy ... Read More »
  • Chicken-Chile Pozole
    Melissa d'Arabian's Chicken-Chile PozoleThis brothy Mexican soup is chock-full of hominy, mild dried chiles, and shredded chicken or pork. Shredded chicken and mild New Mexico dried red chiles make th... Read More »

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