Family Recipes

  • Snacking With Joy: Snowman
    Snacking with Joy: Snowman Caprese SaladThis healthy snack is a great way to introduce organic basil (and a new salad) to your kids. Perfect for kids who are allergic to nuts! Create “snow” by gar... Read More »
  • Snacking With Joy: Christmas Tree
    Snacking with Joy: Christmas Tree SnackThis is a super alternative to crunchy trail mix if your kids can't eat nuts. It’s also a great way to get your kids to eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Plus... Read More »
  • Hanukkah Mini Menorah
    Make an edible and festive Hanukkah centerpiece for the children’s table!Ingredients10 mini powdered donuts
1 (16-oz) can vanilla frosting
Blue food coloring
Silver dragées
9 blue candy can... Read More »
  • Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookies
    These cute cookies from blogger Norene Cox are perfect for a holiday gathering or tea party. Even Martha Stewart called them “adorable.” True story. Makes 4 Ingredients¼ cup white candy coating4 ... Read More »

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