Family Recipes

  • Leftover Candy Recipes
    Anyone can put Snickers in brownies and M&Ms in cookies, but have you ever made a salad or parfait with leftover Halloween candy? Try these easy recipes.Almond Joy Salad Calling all Almond Joy lov... Read More »
  • Snacking With Joy: Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip
    This recipe is a great way to introduce kids to healthy, juicy, delicious jicama, which is a healthy alternative to chips and is allergy friendly.IngredientsFresh jicamaBlack olives (or red grapes)Pre... Read More »
  • Snacking With Joy: Pumpkin Patch Snack
    Feeding my family allergy-free whole foods inspired these festive Halloween snacks that your kids will love to make and eat. My girls call it delicious and fun. I call it Snacking with Joy.Please note... Read More »
  • Apple Recipe Round-up
    Nothing says fall like crisp, fresh apples. Whether you’ve picked your own or bought a variety at the store, celebrate the fall season with our bushel of delicious apple recipes.Cinnamon Apple Strud... Read More »

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