Ten Lovely Memories to Make with Mom

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Life goes by too fast, embrace the small thingsLife is precious and full of wonder, but it moves fast. With so much distraction day to day, sometimes we need a reminder to slow down. Here are some heartfelt ideas for savoring the beauty of your momhood, their childhood, and the special bond you share.  

  1. On a dreary morning, don’t get dressed. Spread a quilt over your bed, and invite your crew to pile on for a long leisurely breakfast. Don’t answer the phone. Read something magical or your favorite story from childhood. If they are able, let them read that story to you.

  2. Enjoy a long lovely soak in the tub with your infant. Memorize those irresistible creases and the luxurious softness of your baby’s skin. So much of parenthood is unglamorous, and this is an intimate memory to lock up in your heart and return to when that precious soul begins sassing you as a ‘tween.

  3. Request an impromptu fashion show. So many creative variations: towels only, toilet paper, pantyhose … My own children favored a “London-France” show for the catwalk. They layered on every pair of underwear in the household until they could barely waddle. Then they tied on a blanket cape and donned one last pair of undies as a hat. It never failed to make this mom’s cheeks ache.

  4. Write a love note to your child. Make sure to date it and place the note on their pillow. Even if they have reached an age where it borders on “uncool,” they will drift off to sleep knowing they are cherished. Later, steal back the note to safely store in a box.

  5. Sacrifice your tastefully decorated living room and build the ultimate fort utilizing every blanket in the house. When complete, head inside to play “Don’t Break the Ice” and “Candy Land” a dozen times or more. They never tire of the classic games, and you are their favorite player. Remember the day will arrive when your kids will be too busy for you.

  6. If you have teens or ‘tweens, order pizza and watch their favorite comedy or youTubes, even if it’s not your cup of tea. Don’t forget there was a time you thought Pretty in Pink should win the Oscar. They will appreciate the gesture because they know it’s a little painful, and you may even be rewarded with joyful expressions and laughter.

  7. In your planner, pencil in a “celebrity photo shoot” every two months. Have your spouse or friend take a picture of just you and your child and then change places. Go outside if possible to capture the season. You will have a wonderful treasury of smiles as you both grow up, and no mom on the planet has ever felt she took too many photos.

  8. Whip up an indulgent snack together. Allow them to help make a decadently rich cookie dough from scratch, but forget the eggs and the baking. Eat the dough as dip for apple wedges and pretzels or mix into ice cream. While everyone gets sticky and gooey devouring it, document the smiles on film.

  9. Let your child have a blast styling your hair. Supply them with colorful clips, rollers, bobby pins, and scrunchies. When your makeover is complete, go to the mirror and rave you look fabulous. Pretend you love it and say you plan to wear it this way forever. Now let them apply the makeup.

  10. On an evening you are not beyond exhausted, sneak into your child’s room and watch them as they dream. Take in the beauty of those delicate eyelashes and precious tiny fingers. Whisper a prayer of gratitude and ask for protection from all harm. Blow a quiet kiss to the one who holds your heart.

Michele Ranard has savored momhood for 18 wonderful years. She is the mother of teens, a professional counselor, and a freelance writer. Her blog is here: www.cheekychicmama.com.

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